Once you have installed Jom Classifieds. Then it's time to create your categories.

- Login to your Joomla back-end.

- Select Components => Jom Classifieds => Category => New. Now you should see the following form.


- Fill out the form. Most of the fields are self explanatory. But it's advisable to refer the explanation below before adding your inputs.

Title Name of your Category.
Alias Alias for your category. Jom Classifieds will automatically generate the field value if it's left empty. So, it's recommended to leave this blank, if you're unsure about this.
Parent Option to select whether the added category is "Parent" or "Child" to another category.
Icon Image for the Category. Currently, this is applicable only for top level categories.
Published Option to enable or disable the category.
Meta - keywords Add custom Meta Keywords to your category page (Use comma to separate multiple meta keywords).
Meta - description Add custom Meta Description to your category page.

- That's it. Save the form. You have successfully added a category to which the ads are going to be added in the future.

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