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JomClassifieds is a best php classifieds script. It has enormous features which helps you to build an appealing classifieds portal with best classifieds themes. User satisfaction is the motto of JomClassifieds.

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Earn with JomClassifieds

Overload your Wallet by simply making the user to utilize the premium memberships, promotions and by Adsense. It's not just a classifieds Joomla extension but also a money machine that self-evolve your business to a higher standard.
Promotion: Charge by "Top Ad" feature which makes user ads to be highlighted at the top.
Memberships: Charge by creating multiple membership plans. Plans that make to charge-by the different duration of adverts and also by setting up a variety of advert life-time.
Renewal: It's not just charging by plans but also charges to make the plans to remain active, so renewal of plans plays a major role. Charge by allowing users to upgrade to premium plans for renewal or after plan expired.
Google Adsense: With the use of different module position Google Adsense can be applied in any position and bring revenue. Make use of Pre-text and Post-text for banners to display within the component layout.
Currency: Allows all types of currencies to charge user globally.

Integrated Google Geolocation and Places API

Got tired of adding all the locations in the backend? Let's keep that aside and let's make the cities to reach us with a click and its possible through Google Geolocation API.
Capture Location: Detects the visitor's location in site with browser location detection. Instantly identify user location and list all the adverts in user physical location.
Change location: Allow you switch from one location to another location in search of adverts in the location you need.
Auto-suggest address: Auto-suggestion and Auto-complete address fields while typing location info lets you consume time taken in filling up user location in post advert form.Selection an address will automatically fill up other fields such as region, state, and country. 
Address Picker: Address triggered when map marker is dragged and dropped in any location on the map.

Thanks to Google for sharing their Geolocation and Places API so with the use of Google Map API key these feature can be unlocked.

Advanced Search Filter

Among the countless adverts find your advert within secs with the JomClassifieds advanced search filter. Flexible, portable and include extra fields searchable.
  •  Search by location
  •  Search by category
  •  Radius search by postal code
  •  Radius search by kilo/miles range
  •  Search by extra fields created in the backend
  •  Search by memberships
  •  Search by promotion
  •  Search by tags
  •  Search by price
and lots more search criteria available
Advances search module can be assigned to any menus and placed in any module position and enable a wide range of search options.

Saved Search

Jomclassifieds allows you to make notification for category and location if any advert is posted on the saved category or location from any user.

User can able to make the notification using saved search form.

Category: Allows to add a particular Category for notification.

The region, City, State, Country: Allows making a notification for a particular region or city or state or country.

Price: Allows to set a notification within a specific price.

Date: User can able to set a notification for a specific date(From date-To date) also.

Publish: User can unpublish the saved notifications and publish them whenever needed. 

Create Infinite Extra fields!

JomClassifieds offers you to create unlimited varieties of custom fields so that can easily get adapted to any kind of business. It does actively functional in advertiser form and so that user can fill up the fields of options for their product.
Types of formats available in Extra fields:
  •  Drop-down list
  •  Text Field
  •  Check Box
  •  Radio Button
  •  Min Max
  •  Link
Additional features that are included are listed below:
Assign Categories: Can easily assign the custom fields to unlimited categories and sub-categories.
Tooltip: Provide a tooltip description of the fields created.
Searchable: Option to enable/disable the extra fields to be searchable in advance search filter.
Make Mandatory: Option to enable/disable the mandatory of the extra fields.
Compare: Also to make the fields to display in compare module.

Memberships & Promotions

Powered by advanced membership and promotion which acts as a major role in revenue of a business and highlight the adverts more conveniently. Easily identical in advert listing form for users to select the membership and promotion plan which suits them.
Unlimited Plans: Flexible to create multiple plans for the user to chose the best for their adverts.
Membership lifetime: Option to set a lifetime for every plan where the membership functions will be active the date assigned.
Advert lifetime: Assigning lifetime for advert will make the advert live till the lifetime expires.
Advert count: Provide the number of adverts for each plan while creating so each plan will have different quantity of adverts.
Paid Memberships: Option to create both free and multiple paid memberships with different prices, lifetime and number of adverts.
Promotion: Featured advert which highlights in the top of advert list with premium tags.
Increase promotion days: Options for the user to manually provide the number of days for the advert to be at the top.

Upgrade Membership

Want to Upgrade your current membership plan to the next level, jomclassifieds allows you to upgrade from the current membership plan to any next level of membership.

Discount Percentage: Configure the discount percentage for upgrade membership, depending upon the percentage of days, the user used the active membership.

Option to disable the upgrade membership by admin.


Admin can create coupons codes and allow their site users to use these coupon codes and get discount while paying for Membership plans and Promotions.

Option to create a coupon code by admin. 

Limit: Configure the number of times the coupon should use.

Valid From and To: Set the "From" and "To" date to make the availability of the coupons.

Used times: Admin can able to know, how many times the coupons are used.

Ad Owners can use the coupon code and get discounts while paying for the Membership Plan and Promoting the Advert

Easy Payment Plugins

No matter which part of global you are, we offer payment plugins that serve your country.Free to all, No hidden cost, Easy configure and highly Secure.


Jomclassifieds provides a statistics module if you want to know about your overall site analysis like total adverts are posted, number of active adverts, number of categories, orders, profits, etc,... 

Statistics are available for both admins as well as the user.

Place anywhere: It is a module, admin can place the statistics charts anywhere on the website

Admin Statistics:
: Total adverts, Promotion, Membership, Advert posted by today, Advert posted from last 7 days,  Advert posted from last 30 days.

Orders: Total orders, Success orders, Failure orders, Last 7 days orders, Last 30 days orders

Profits:  Total profits, Profits from promotion, Profits from membership, Today profit Last 7 days profits, Last 30 days profits

User Statistics:  
Types of charts to show the statistics: Table chart, Pie chart, 3D chart, Donut chart, Column chart, Bar chart.

User can able to know the statistics regarding adverts like  Total adverts, Promotion, Membership, Advert posted by today, Advert posted from last 7 days,  Advert posted from last 30 days.       

User Ratings and Reviews

Jomclassifieds allows expressing your feedback about the user by adding a 5-star rating and reviews as text.

Email notification: Set email notification for user and admin once user rating and review are submitted from the front end.

Banned Words: Allows for admin to add unwanted words from the backend to restrict the user to submit the reviews using some unwanted words.

User overall rating: User can able to view the overall rating from the own dashboard layout.

Reviews per page: Admin can able to set how many ratings and reviews can the displayed per page.

Edit rating and reviews: Admin can able to edit the ratings and reviews from the backend.

Friendly Third-party Extensions Support!

There are several 3rd party extension which can be integrated with JomClassifieds. Supported third-party extensions for JomClassifieds are:
Arrow ChatJcommentsUddeIm
Community BuilderSocial Share ScriptWhatsapp Share
Yendif Social LoginGoogle MapsJomSocial
KomentoFacebook CommentsYendif Responsive menu

SEO / SEF and Microdata

Microdata: Microdata is the hot topic right now as they are used to enhance your listings in search engines. To explain in simpler terms, you know when you search for something in Google and you see some listings showing some images, ratings or an author name, location, and picture? Well, that is what this is about.
So similarly all the listing will read by Google and will be the first to display your content on the front page.
Additional SEO/SEF features are listed below:
Meta Keyword & Description: Options to provide Meta keyword & Meta description for categories and adverts.
Replace for category URLs: Enter the name which should be replaced by category URLs.
Replace for location URLs: Enter the name which should be replaced by location URLs.
Replace for advert URLs: Select the replace for advert URLs. If Default is chosen, then ‘Use the advert’s category’ is set as default. If ‘Use custom prefix’ is chosen, then enter the custom prefix for advert URLs.
Id and title alias separator: Select the separator either dash(-) or forward slash(/).
Id position: Select whether advert id should be displayed before or after the title.

Customizable Email Template with alerts

Be notified of every important action on site. Get to know what happens on site with alerts for new advert post, membership alert, promotion alert, advert expiry alert, advert renewal alert and lots more.Easily customizable alert layout to add your own border, color, content, images and lots more.



 Membership subscription notify

 New advert notify

 Premium payment notify

 Premium payment notify

 Membership payment notify

 Membership payment notify

 Premium advert expire notify

 Advert renewed notify

 Membership expire notify

 Advert edit notify

 New advert notify


 Advert renewal notify

 Guest user Auto registrations notify

 Advert approve notify

 Guest user New advert notify

 Offline payment notify

 Contact advertiser form

Alerts for both Administrator and User will send and also can be limited by restricting for both (admin & user) or alerts for anyone (admin & user). Customizable templates with options to add images, stylish border/margins, alert codes

User-friendly Backend Management

We typically developed the backend, especially for non-developers.
A powerful fully accessible backend for posting and managing adverts with global configuration for site management and lots other important accessibility can be controlled in the backend.
Developed in a way for easily understandable and to react quickly to any change of settings done.
A crystal clear documentation for accessing the backend settings for all the sections such as categories creating, advert management, Geolocation, modules, payments plugins and lots more.

Multi-functional menu layouts

 All Adverts

 All Categories

 All Locations

 Single Advert

 Single Category

 Single Location

 User Adverts

 User Dashboard

 User Favorite

 User Post Ads

 User Registration

 User Messages

 User Edit Profile

Beneficial modules and positions

Plenty of multifunctional modules that come free with the package and with lots of module positions for the user can easily organize the site and setup can be done quickly in a couple of mins.
The JomClassifieds Module such as:
  •  Adverts module (Carousel and Static).
  •  Categories menu module.
  •  Change Location module.
  •  Compare module.
  •  Locations menu module.
  •  Map Module.
  •  Search module (Horizontal and Vertical views).
  •  Refined search.
  •  Adverts statistics(Admin and Site).

User Dashboard and advert management

A popular dashboard with user details and also a separate user ads menu where can manage the adverts easily without any restriction.
  •  Advert renewal.
  •  Advert deletion.
  •  Advert promotion.
  •  Edit adverts.
  •  Search adverts.
  •  Sort advert by latest, alphabet, price, date, popular and random.

Multimedia uploads

First Classifieds product to support Youtube videos and ajax multiple image upload. Not the only user elaborates their product by text but also can upload their product youtube videos and images for easy check of the physical condition of the advert.
Some additional features:
  •  Own branding watermark on every user images.
  •  Image limit can be restricted.
  •  Multiple images can be uploaded in instants.
  •  Image rotation, position reorder and deletion of the image are possible.
  •  Image compression on upload to improve site performance.
  •  Watermark can be of logo or text.
  •  Resizing of the image is possible.

Secure & Protective

An activation link will be sent to every user who registers in site for security purpose in which this will avoid invalid/spam user.
Option to hold the advert until admin verifies and publish.
Scan the image while upload to avoid virus and third-party codes. Accept only admin provided image formats.
Support admin tools for better security.

Multi-language Support

Create and apply your own language with multilingual experience within mins in JomClassifieds. Can't find your language pack below? Click here to create.

Additional Features

RSS Feed

RSS is a feed reader which accordingly collections the posted adverts and updates automatically in facebook page.


A special mark on your customer advert images stating that this advert is officially posted on your site.


Options to set tags for adverts such as exchange, premium, free etc and also helps the user to sort adverts by relevant tags.

Date & Time Settings

Option to set your own date and time format for your site. Uses PHP date and time format..

RTL Support

In-built RTL support to establish business across the globe with Arabic language pack included free in all packages.

Grid View / List View

Make your own view mode for adverts. Modes such as Grid and list view for the adverts to display.


To avoid spam alert we provide an option to activate captcha so the user will be safe from receiving spam and robot alert.

Related Adverts

Option to roll related adverts in the single advert view for users to know the similar adverts to their search criteria.

Multi Payment Plugins

Option to activate multiple payments which help the user to make the purchase of membership and promotion globally.

Categories Layout

Keep your own viewing style for categories display. Styles such as Grid and tree view which offers best viewing experience.


Allow users to post adverts globally by accepting multi-currency and multiple payments methods.

Thumbnail Position

Make your gallery thumbnail position viewable in multiple angles. Available angles are left, right and bottom.

Pinterest View

A spaceless viewing experience for all categories. Categories will be handing tight together which provide good-looking layout.

Adverts Sorting

Gain control over the adverts sorting orders. Available sorting is last added, sort by price, Date added, most popular and random.

Contact Advertiser

Contact advertiser in an instant by a smart pop-up form which collects buyer info and message and alerts the advertiser.

Report Adverts

Options to report adverts if you feel the info provided is invalid, spam, or irrelevant to the site or copyright issue.

Add to Favorite's

Option to add adverts to favorites were in future you can check the adverts the price reduction and status of the adverts.

Advert Form Accordion

Make post advert form to be part by part in different session by media, title, and description by just enabling accordion.

Thousands Separator

Can use any symbol depending on the country to separate thousand. Symbol (usually , or . ) to separate thousand.

Radius Search

Fetch adverts with radius by applying a Km/Miles limit in the backend. The radius can be limited by country, state, and cities.

Print Advert PDF

Option to export the advert in PDF format where the user can easily print, share, upload and save to their disk for any purpose.

Social Share Script

Apply social share script for easy share your advert page on the social network such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and lots more.

Order Management

Order status of adverts is easily manageable in dept with transaction ID with history and payment status with date.

Custom Style

Create your own style with custom style area for toppings, color changes and other CSS changes for your taste and feel.



JomClassifieds has everything you need to get your new website up and running in no time!


  JOOMLA v 3.x - 4+ 

  PHP v5.3 - 7+ 

  MYSQL v5.1 - 5.5.3 + 

  SQL server 10.50.1600.1 + 

  PostgreSQL 8.3.8 - 9.1+ 

  APACHE v2.0 - 2.4+


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