Jom Classifieds require certain tasks to run periodically like "sending advert expiry notification", "deactivating the adverts on expiry" and "deleting the expired adverts".

Currently "Jom Classifieds" handle this in 2 different methods. This should be configured at "Components => Jom Classifieds => General Configuration [General settings]". Generally these tasks are executed when the CRON URL input from your "General Configuraion" is loaded.

Cron activatedDescription
No These tasks are handled by the component itself by calling the URL whenever a user access our component page from your website. This is only an optional method and not better for accurate results..
Yes The component just assume that you are using a online cron service program and stop loading the URL itself.

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Note: We recommend "Easy Cron" if you're looking for a Third Party Cron service. Kindly check the below link for documentation