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Dear Sirs,

We are studying the use of “Joomla CMS” in conjunction with the “Jom Classifieds Extension”.
It was decided to use these tools for the excellent features and resources they offer. They allow us to create high quality solutions that meet most of the needs we want to work with.
We would like to inform you about a detail that has been noted:
To generate ads, I registered "Users", created some "memberships" and when trying to link "memberships" to "users" in "User Profiles" I found that I could only for "memberships Free". Other memberships created are not accepted.
I did some experiments creating new installations and trying various options within existing ones and noticed that the option “(0)” - without parentheses - for “Number of Advert (s) in“ Add membership ”does not allow to indicate a“ Menbership ”to a "User" in "User profile". Just use any nonzero value that the association performed.
It seems a mistake to allow unlimited Adverts, but I am studying how the system works and the option is indicated in the existing ones, so I used to not have to, at first, limit created examples.
Of course for actual use, several Memberships will be created to suit the project being developed. And Adverts will be limited as the Membership becomes available to customers.

This post is informational only and aims to contribute to the work of the development team.

Appreciate your attention,

Best Regards

Maury Maia
1 year 11 months ago#8117

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Replied by Super User on topic Add membership


Thanks for your info and we will check this in our end and fix it and update soon.

1 year 11 months ago#8124

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