Community Builder integration & 'tweaks'

Community Builder integration & 'tweaks' was created by WEB DEV

I am happy that an 'ads' tab is provided for CB.

But I have a usecase I would like to explore...

We have two classes of user: free and paid subscriptions.

I would like to see all new and existing Paid users get a small number of free ads by default, and Free users could not post ads.

Paid users could later purchase extra ad credits (etc) after their initial free ads have been used up.

Free users would have to upgrade to paid subscription in order to post ads.

Is this sort of thing do-able 'out of the box'??

or perhaps via a simple SQL command, rough approximation update adsTable set adcredits=3 where adsTable.user=CBuser.user and CBuser.userType=Paid - or such??

Mind you, we'd to to have something automatically creating their complementary credits upon a new paid membership, too...
6 years 6 months ago#5157

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Replied by Super User on topic Community Builder integration & 'tweaks'

Dear Customer,

Currently in Jomclassifieds users can purchase Membership while they post ads. It is not working in subscription concept. So we need to re-structure our Membership concept to achieve your requirement. We have passed this to our customization team where they will analyze and provide the quote for it.

6 years 6 months ago#5163

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Replied by WEB DEV on topic Community Builder integration & 'tweaks'

We already have another module managing the subscriptions (once they are paid they get added to another CB usergroup). We just need the Jomclassifieds to differentiate between these existing user groups.

I got the quote , thank you very much! Will continue to consider your project...
6 years 6 months ago#5166

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