This plugin will publish on your JomSocial activity stream the ad you've just wrote. You can also display the user ads in the JomSocial module positions


  • JomSocial component
  • Jomclassifieds component


In order to install this plugin, Access the installation panel from back-end setting panel of your site, go to: Extensions >> Extension Manager.


Now select the from Jomclassifieds download zip and click Upload File & Install.


Configuring Jomclassifieds to work with JomSocial

After installation you should enable the Community - Jomclassifieds under Extensions >> Plugin Manager.

jomcsocial plugin enable

Now open this plugin and configure it as below

jomcsocial plugin configure

Enable Stream - Enable or Disable to post the Jomclassifieds post in the JomSoacial Stream.

Enable Module Latest Adverts - Enable or Disable the option to display the Jomclassifieds Ads in the JomSocial profile module positions.

Adverts Limit - Number of ads displayed in Jomclassifieds profile module positions.

Itemid - Your site menu Item Id which should be selected when the ads clicked from JomSocial.

That's it. Save the form. You have successfully installed and configured Jomclassifieds plugin for JomSocial Component.

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