A third party component UDDEIM has brought the internal messaging system. By installing this component user will be able to send internal messages by clicking on “Contact Advertiser” in advert detail page. This will maintain privacy between advert viewer and advert owner.

First install UDDEIM component and then jomcluddeIM Plugin must be installed.

A. Follow the steps below to download and install UDDEIM component in your Joomla.


UDDEIM Official Download Link: http://www.slabihoud.de/software/id4001.htm


Unzip the download and the files inside will have some zip files like below image.

uddeim component unzip


Now login into site Back End administrator, Go to Extension-> Manage->Install->Choose file.

joomla extension manage

joomla extension manage file

Install all the UdeeIM zip files marked one by one as shown in the below image.

uddeim component unzip files

B. Follow the steps below to install jomcluddeIM PlugIn in Jom Classifieds.

Step 1:

In Back End Go to Extension -> Manage -> Install->Choose file and install the jomcluddemIM PlugIn.

joomla extension manage path

joomla extension upload path

Step 2:

Now after installing jomcluddemIm PlugIn Go to Extension->Plugins and enable the jomcluddemIm plugins and all the plugin installed related to UddeIm and save.

Step 3:

In site admin back End Go to Extensions-> Modules-> uddeIM Mailbox and set fields as follow:

uddem mailbox

Position: set position of module, for example: left column.

Status: Published

Set all fields as “Yes” Go to Menu Assignment Tab. Choose module assignment, for example: On all pages. Click Save and Close.

uddem mailbox menu assign

Step 4:

Go to Components -> uddeIM PMS-> E-mail tab and set “stop e-mail” as “no”

uddem mailbox email settings

Additional uddeIM settings

If you want the setup that all communication is now based only with uddeIM you need to set the following in Components-> uddeIM PMS-> E-mail

uddem mailbox email notification

    Allow e-mail notification: yes
    Default for e-mail notification: Always
    E-mail contains message: No

This way every time the advertiser answer the question sent via Contact this advertiser form in UddeIM the recipient will receive email with information about new message in the mailbox.

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