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Geo Location Based Filters

How about we add an option to filter the content of the site based on the user's location while giving him an option to chnage the location to his choice through a dropdown menu module. If the location from where the user accessing is not in the list,...
Published by Syed HussainiJom classifiedsHits: 4670 Released

IP logs for users that post Ad

It would be nice if administrator could have user IP address shown in Advert listing on backend. I know there are some 3rd party extensions, but it would be great if it was implemented in Jom Classifieds Admin panel/Adverts.


Users can give some vote for good sellers and sellers can give vote for buyers, like in Ebay
Published by Mirko LednickiJom classifiedsHits: 2296

Seller Profile - My Dashboard

A Seller Profile where seller can Add/Edit his Profile once logged in ,update info/fields such as About us, add company logo(image) , company Name , phone etc. So when posting future ads his details will be filled automatically. Also Seller Profile...
Published by Maclaine Jom classifiedsHits: 709

Integrate different types of registrations in JomClassifieds

Integrate different types of registrations in JomClassifieds (e.g private person or company registration) so that you could separate them Example as follow: Private person can add free and paid adverts (different memberships). Company can only add...
Published by AnonymousJom classifiedsHits: 463 -

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