Check the all new simple responsive email template down below and have your own way of stylish email template.

Now let’s get into it.

Login to site administrator/backend Go to -> Components -> JomClassifieds -> Email templates.

email templates

Simply make a selection of predesigned layout mentioned below and takes to design your own classifieds emails.

Admin - New advert notify

Admin - New advert notify

Admin - Premium payment notify

Admin - Membership payment notify

Admin - Advert renewed notify

User - New advert notify

User - Advert approve notify

User - Premium payment notify

User - Membership payment notify

User - Membership subscription notify

User - Premium advert expire notify

User - Advert renewal notify

User - Membership expire notify

User - Offline payment notify

Guest - New advert notify

Guest - Auto registrations notify

Report abuse

Contact advertiser form

How an email template layout looks like? See the picture down below.

edit email templates

Below is the list of tags available in email templates.

[ADVERT_ID] - Indicates Advert ID.

[ADVERT_TITLE] - Indicates Advert Title.

[ADVERT_STATUS] - Indicates Advert status.

[ADVERT_EXPIRY_DATE] - Indicates Advert Expire Date.

[USER_NAME] - Indicates Username

[ADVERT_LINK] - Indicates Advert Link

[SITE_NAME] - Indicates site name

[PROMOTION_DAYS] - Indicates Advert Promotion days.

[PROMOTION_EXPIRY_DATE] - Indicates Advert promotion expiry date.

[MEMBERSHIP_NAME] - Indicates user chosen Membership Name.

[MEMBERSHIP_PRICE] - Indicates user chosen Membership Price.

[MEMBERSHIP_DAYS] - Indicates user chosen Membership Life time.

[MEMBERSHIP_ADVERTS_COUNT] – Indicates user chosen Membership Adverts count.

[MEMBERSHIP_EXPIRY_DATE] - Indicates user chosen Membership Expiry Date.

[MEMBERSHIP_ADVERTS_REMAINING] - Indicates Membership remaining adverts.

[MEMBERSHIP_CREATED_DATE] - Indicates user chosen Membership Created Date.

[TRANSACTION_ID] - Indicates Membership purchased Transaction ID.

[PAYMENT_METHOD] - Indicates the Type of Payment the user made.

[OFFLINE_PAYMENT] - Indicates Offline Payment.

[OFFLINE_PAYMENT_INFO] - Indicates the Offline Payment Information.

[OFFLINE_PAYMENT_AMOUNT] - Indicates the Offline Payment Amount.

[REPORT_USER_NAME] - Indicates the User who reported the Advert.

[REPORT_REASON] - Indicates the User Reason for the Abuse Advert.

[CONTACT_NAME] - Indicates the name field that entered in Contact Advertiser.

[CONTACT_MESSAGE] - Indicate the user message in Contact Advertiser.

Note: Only the mentioned available tags to be used in particular layout.

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