Using Jomclassifieds you can allow Vendors ( Advert Owners ) to promote their adverts.

Top ad [edit]

It is the premium type where you can allow your vendors to post their advert at the top of a category.

- Login to your Joomla! back-end.

- Select "Components => Jom Classifieds => Premium => Edit [ Top Ad ]". Now you should see the following form.


Name Name of your promotion.
Description Describe about your promotion.
Ad-LifeTime Default value 1, is set. [Note: While posting an advert, users can choose number of days to promote an advert, within their advert lifetime.].
Price Set price of your promotion.
Published Select whether your promotion should be published or not.
Promotion class suffix Optional CSS class added to each advert's container element of this promotion. You can use this option to customize the look of the adverts related to this promotion.

- That's it. Save the form. You have successfully added a category to which the ads are going to be added in the future.You can also edit the above fields for both promotion and membership by using Edit option.

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