To create facebook comment app api Key, kindly follow the steps below.

Step1: Login to facebook

facebook login

Step2: Visit the link and click on “Create App” in the top right corner.

facebook create new app

Step3: A pop-up will display to fill in your “Display Name” and “Contact Email” provide the information and click on “Create App ID”.

facebook create new app id

Step4: Copy the App ID in a notepad.

Step5: Visit the link

Step 6: In the link, provide the information such as “Site url” where the comment system will be enabled and also the number of post to be displayed such as 5,6 etc and rest will be available by pagination.

comments plugin code generator

Step 7: Login to site administrator, Go to JomClassifieds -> Global Configuration -> Site display settings -> facebook Comments -> facebook app id (Paste the facebook app id) -> Save.

facebook comments config

Step7: You can choose the number of post you would like to display in first page and also the color scheme for the comments and save.

Step8: The comments will be displayed in advert detail view as the image below.

comments show fb