How to create memberships in Jom Classifieds and how does it works?

Jom Classifieds has an option to create multiple memberships. Just Login to admin back end and Select Components => Jom Classifieds => Memberships => New. Now you can see “Add new Membership” form.

For example: Let’s create a sample i.e., “Silver” membership


Fill the form fields as in the above screenshot and save it.

Name: Name of the membership.

Description: Describe about the membership.

Membership Lifetime: Set maximum number of days (validity) for the membership.

Number of Adverts: Set maximum number of ads that can be posted using this membership.

Advert's Lifetime: Set maximum number of days (validity) for ads posted under this membership.

Price: Set cost of this membership.

Published: Set Yes/No, to publish or unpublish the membership.

Similarly create multiple memberships as per your requirement and once it is created, it is displayed as below:


How do memberships works?

For example: Let’s say a user purchase “Silver” membership and posted an advert under it. According to the screenshot below, Membership Lifetime is 20 days, Ads lifetime is 20 days and user can post totally 5 ads within Ads lifetime (20 days).


Once user purchased the Silver membership and posted 1 ad, he can check his membership details in his Dashboard.


Now he has 4 remaining ads and the membership is valid till August 30, 2015. He can post remaining ads before the lifetime gets expired.

Important Note: When a user purchased a membership and posted an advert under it, he cannot purchase another new membership until the remaining ads gets over. If he needs to purchase new membership, then admin must manually delete the Order which is created for his membership in admin back end.

That’s it. This is the overall functionality of memberships in Jom Classifieds.

How to promote ads in Jom Classifieds?

Generally, users would like to display their ads at the top of the list to grab the user’s attention to their advert. Jom Classifieds provides option for users to promote their ads as per their requirement.

For example: Login to your site front end and Go to “My Ads” page. Just click on the promote icon of any ad as in the below screenshot.


Now, you will be re-directed to the payment gateway selection page where you can also set number of days to promote your advert. You can set days within the ad’s lifetime. That is, For example: in below screenshot, the advert will be expired after 20 days. So, user can promote this ad till 20 days or less than 20 days.

Note: We made the Top Ad's days static to 1 day because there may be more than one membership plans which will have different expiry days. In this situation we will get amount for one day and multiply it to the number of days the user need to promote.


Finally, make payment through your selected payment gateway and check the “All Ads” menu page. Your advert will be at the Top of the list as in below screenshot.


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