How Jom Classifieds helps you in SEO/SEF?

SEO is the art or science of gaining top search engine placement for relevant keyword phrases through making search engines believe your site is more relevant than your competition’s websites.

Jom Classifieds provided an option at back end called “SEO SETTINGS”. There you can replace keyword for Category URLs, Location URLs and Advert URLs. Keywords are terms or phrases you would expect someone to search for to find the adverts . With SEO you pick your keywords and create pages focused on them. You can only focus each page on a specific keyword phrase or few specific keywords. One of the best tricks to SEO is to gain traffic using many pages focused on specific terms vice focusing on broad single word terms. Specific terms are usually easier to rank well for and often have a higher conversion rate.

Jom Classifieds helps in optimizing the search engine – it means, in the post advert form, you can see the SEF option, where you can add your meta key words and description.

A friendly URL is a Web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage. This type of URL can be "friendly" in two ways. 1) It can help visitors remember the Web address, and 2) it can help describe the page to search engines.

If advert owners gives the relevant keywords and description for an advert, it helps other users/visitors to get their required adverts. It makes sense to both humans and search engines because they explain the path to the particular page they point to. Hence, this option of Jom classifieds also helps you in increasing your ranking in google .

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