+ Saved search.
+ User ratings and reviews.
+ Statistics module for admin and user.
+ Membership based custom registration form (Linked to Joomla registration).
+ Usergroup based memberships.
+ Promotion included memberships.
+ Upgrade membership.
+ Coupon code feature to avail discounts.
+ PayU payment plugin.
+ New design for User Dashboard with Profile Image.
+ Autofill contact details in post advert form.
+ ACL support.
* Some minor issues fixed.

07 May 2019

04 Jan 2019


+ Personal Messaging System Layout
+ EasySocial Integration
+ Stripe Payment Plugin
+ Komento Comments Integration
+ Search Module - Filter Adverts that has Images and Videos
+ Textarea custom field
+ Option to change Default Image for the adverts
* Some minor issues fixed.


+ Filter adverts using a new Refined Search Module
+ Option to add Date Extra-field.
+ Category and location loads with unique URL.
* Some minor issues fixed.

18 Oct 2018

23 June 2018


+ Availability to attach files in the Contact Advertiser Form.
+ Option to Avoid Banned Words in the listing form and Contact Advertiser Form.
+ Option to hide the E-mail ID for the guest user.
+ Display ads count in Categories Menu Module.
+ Display ads count in Location Menu Module.
+ Display ads count in All Location Layout.
* Some minor issues fixed.

Mobile Application Initial Release

+ Android App.
+ iOS App.

27 Apr 2018

04 Oct 2017


+ GEO Location: Automatically track the user's locations and list the contents based on that location.
+ GEO Location: Option for the users to change the location manually.
+ GEO Location: Automatically add user location while posting an ad. So, no need to add locations manually in the backend.
+ Radius Search: Search for adverts within a given distance from any location.
+ Thousands separator: Chose ( , or . ) for place values.
+ Decimal separator: Option to display ( , or . ) before decimals.
+ Decimal points: Option to display the number of decimals after price.
+ Compatible with latest Joomla version 3.8.0 and PHP version 7.
* Some minor issues fixed.


+ GEO Location: Automatically track the user's locations and list the contents based on that location. Option for the users to change the location manually.
+ Microdata: A Potential to increase your rankings in search engine.
+ Email Templates: Customize your email template.
+ Radius Search: Search for adverts within a given distance from any location.
+ Enable/Disable advert description in all adverts.
+ Options to hide phone number for guest users.
+ Option to search adverts in user adverts page.
+ Auto close "Contact Advertiser" pop-up after email sent.
+ Mollie payment plugin.
* Ad-block issue fixed in Quickstart package.
* The administrator link in user adverts posted mail fixed.
* Image mandatory in post adverts form issue fixed
* Social share script save issue fixed

02 Mar 2017

25 Aug 2016


+ CCBill (payment plugins)
+ PlugnPay (payment plugins)
+ Categories Grid Layout
+ Advert Gallery Thumb position (left/right/bottom)
+ Advert Module Carousel (Vertical/Horizontal) Orientation
+ Custom Date Format
+ Post Form Accordion Disable
+ Print Advert on pdf
+ Upload Image Preview
+ Watermark of uploaded images
* Captcha issue fixed.
* Image file type issue fixed.
* Maps scrollable removed.
* Media folder file permission fixed.
* Image delete issue fixed.
* YouTube video fixed.


+ Ajax Multiple images Upload with progress bar
+ Drag & Drop image(s)
+ Rearrange image(s)
+ Image Rotate option
+ Option to display Recently viewed adverts through Jom Classifieds Adverts Module.
+ Enable/Disable Price filed in Categories.
+ Payhere (payment plugin).
+ Watermark assign to center.
+ Store IP Address of advert owner (Security).
+ SEO: Alt tag and Title tag for images.
* Map issue fixed.

14 Oct 2016

17 Jun 2016


+ Multi drop-down list of Categories
+ Multi drop-down list of Locations
+ Compare items feature in Adverts module, Single advert layout, List & Grid view, Related Adverts.
+ Jom Classifieds Compare module
+ Recaptcha 2.0 version
+ Custom Zoom option in Jom Classifieds Map Module
+ Yes/No option to display extra fields in Compare results or not
* All Locations RSS issue fixed
* Order By latest issue fixed
* Jom Classifieds map module default location issue fixed


+ All Categories design.
+ Captcha verification added in Post Advert form.
+ All fields can be made mandatory in post advert form.
+ Adverts module include carousel settings
+ Advert detailed page default item id.
+ File extension type restricted for upload images.
+ Improved to load Map module click.
+ Adverts Module Filter by membership and filter by promotion.
+ Payfast payment plugin
+ Paysera payment plugin
+ Robakssa payment plugin
+ Liqpay payment plugin
+ Whatsapp share advert link on mobile devices.
* User Renewal Advert Created date not updated.
* Extra-fields validation in post advert form.
* Edit form validation issue
* Edit save the message.
* Facebook comment issue.
* Facebook comment URL issue.
* Jom classifieds Maps module issue.
* User contact form spam issue.
* Missing Post text in advert detailed view.
* New user auto Login disabled.
* Icon moon conflict issue solved with major templates.
* Membership name language issue.
* User post Offline payment SQL error.
* Locations menu prams child empty.
* Adverts modules default load featured advert removed.
* Detailed view social script remove show an empty box.
* Image upload issue on iPad, iPhone, iPod.
* Alias not saved issue.
* Jomsocial streaming issue fixed.
* Contact form data cleared after mail sent.

19 Mar 2016

31 May 2015


+ In the backend, dashboard icons changed.
+ Membership activation and expiration notification mail are sent to the user.
+ Activation mail for guest users to publish their advert.
+ In the backend, General Config. => Membership expire alert field is added.

Jom Classifieds => Premium:
+ Membership day’s field is added. (If zero [0] is set, membership expires on lifetime)
+ Max. ads field is added.(if zero [0] is set, unlimited ads are allowed)
+ Advert Days field is added. (In this field, minimum day to set is 1 and maximum days should be less than membership days)
+ Free membership is set optional, whether to allow users to use this membership in successive transactions or not.

Jom Classifieds => Orders:
+ Filter options are added.
+ Ads count is displayed. (Total & Remaining Ads)
+ Alert message before deleting an advert is given.
+ Membership Expiry date is shown.

User's Page:
+ In Post Ad and renew page, membership details can be viewed and membership with price 0.00 is displayed with text FREE".
+ Promotion details (no. of ads, validity, and price) can be viewed, while Promoting an advert.

* Ad Block issue fixed. (Quickstart package)
* Community Builder issue solved.
* In detailed view of an image, Carousel issue solved.
* User's corresponding payment currency is now set in all adverts table.
* Offline payment issue solved.
* Pesapal Oauth issue solved.
* Popular templates popup issue solved.
* Jtext is added for promote and pay. Posting type is changed to Membership & promotion and media to image & video.
* Premium ads to be published always at the top level, issue solved.
* In Jom Classifieds => Locations, the Country deprecated field is removed.
* "Item not found”, alert message text changed.
* Payment plugins configure information is added to the frontend if payment info is not set in back-end.


+ Option for Guest users to post Ads
+ Single page Ad Posting form
+ Offline Payment plugin

18 Dec 2014

04 Oct 2014


+ Community Builder Compatible
   + User plugin for CB which will create a tab for Jom classifieds.
   + Ads from Jom classifieds will automatically be posted in CB.
+ JomSocial Compatible
   + Post ads in the stream automatically.
   + Display your ads in the module positions of JomSocial.
+ RSS Feed feature
+ Post your ads automatically in your Facebook account through RSS Feed.


+ Responsive design & layout design changes
+ Filter options in the admin
+ Promotion and Memberships are separated in the Jomclassifieds Adverts module

Global Configuration:
+ New ad notify Email (user & admin)
+ Show Tooltip (Post ad form)
+ Show categories icon
+ Show username
+ Custom CSS style (Effect on Site)

Promotion and Membership:
+ Add class suffix (On list, grid & detailed view)

+ Display the thumbnail of images while editing the ad

+ New Dashboard (User details & Membership details)
+ Used Bootstrap icons (2.3.2)

List view & Grid view:
+ Can change the image size
+ Image count on image
+ Promotion Label
+ Display user name

Detailed view:
+ Thumbnail Gallery
+ Custom Modal Popup
+ Promotion Label
+ Map larger view
+ Facebook comments responsive

Post ads Form:
+ Show tooltip

MY-ads View:
+ Design changes

Adverts modules:
+ New design for Grid view

Search module:
+ Select Layout (Vertical OR Horizontal)
+ Complete Bootstrap Design

* Post ads, My ads login redirection issue.
* Deleted advert's images deleted from the server.
* Adverts listed at the top when it renewed.
* Promoted ads will be listed at the top in all layouts.
* Display all membership in dashboard pages.
* Map module loading issue solved.

18 Dec 2015

20 Sep 2014


+ SEO Improved
   + build your own links structure
   + choose the ID separator and position
   + Replace the element name for ADVERTS, CATEGORIES, and LOCATIONS views
+ Location Views
   + All Location View.
   + Single Location View.
   + Location Menu Module
+ Can Add Meta Keyword and Meta Description for the Adverts.


+ 2checkout payment plugin.
+ Pesapal payment plugin.
+ Orders tab in your admin to view the order status.
+ Fine-tuned and improved query execution time.

19 Jul 2014

21 Mar 2014


+ Premium Ads feature
+ Multi-currency feature.


+ Joomla 3.x compatibility
+ Responsive Layout in Joomla 3.x package.

31 Jan 2014

15 Oct 2013


+ Dynamic image optimization and performance tuning.
+ Dynamic tags.
+ Related adverts in detailed advert view.
+ Select default location.
+ Enable/Disable Video field


+ Add membership option

30 Jul 2013

25 Jun 2013


*Minor bugs fixed.


+ Add Extra-field options

05 Jun 2013

19 May 2013


+ Add multiple categories
* Minor bugs fixed.


+ Initial Release

21 Mar 2013

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