This section assumes that you have basic understanding of Joomla! modules. "Jom Classifieds - search" module is used to search adverts through your website.

Jom Classifieds modules are installed along with the component itself and it should be found under Extensions => Module Manager => Jom Classifieds - search"

Module parameters explained

Search module settings

- Fill out the form. Most of the fields are self explanatory. But it's advisable to refer the explanation below before adding your inputs.

Select Layout Select vertical or horizontal search layout.
Search by keyword Enable or Disable normal search box that search adverts through "Ad title", "Ad description" or "Ad location".
Search by location Option to filter adverts by location.
Search by categories Option to filter adverts by categories.
Search by extra fields Option to filter adverts by searchable extra fields. Set it in "Components => Jom Classifieds => Extra fields".
Search by promotion Select whether to search by promotion or not.
Search by membership Select whether to search by membership or not.
Search by tags Select whether to search by tags or not.
Search by price Option to filter adverts by price value.
Search by multi-currency Select whether to search by multi-currency or not.
Search by radius Select whether to search by radius or not.
Radius list Display km/miles to be listed in radius filter to be searchable.
Default radius A default radius to set for adverts to be searchable.
Itemid Menu ID in which the results should be loaded. By default, the results are loaded in same page from where the search form is submitted.
Caching Select whether to cache the content of this module. This is a non-configurable option and always to set to "Never".
Module Class Suffix Jom Classifieds have support for Joomla's native Module styling feature that could be used to design the front-end of its Modules. Check this link to know more about this feature.

- That's it. Save the form. You have successfully published the module.

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