The most important section of the component. Most commonly adverts are added in front-end by users. So, this section only focus on front-end advert posting. Here we learn about the common input fields available inside the "Post advert" form. Kindly check here to add the "Add New Advert" menu in front-end of the site. Check screenshot below to fill Post ad form in back end. [ 5 tabs are available ]

- Login to your Joomla back-end.

- Select Components => Jom Classifieds => Adverts => New.

- Now fill up the form as per following instructions.


Title Title for your advert..
Category Category in which the advert should be listed.Note : If the selected category has any custom fields, then those fields will get listed below this categories selectlist.
Description Text area to describe your advert.
Tag Select tag.
Created by By Default, it will be set as "admin". If you require , you can select some other user to post it under their adverts listing.
Published Select Yes/ No, to whether publish your advert or not.
Price Enter cost for the advert.
IP (IP address) Stores the advert owner IP address for safety precautions.


Membership type Select membership under which the ad must be posted.
Expiry Date Expiry date will be set automatically, when a membership is selected. If required, admin can change it manually.
Promotion(topad) Set the date, till which date it should be displayed in top.


Address Add your Advert or Business location.
Country Select the country in where your business is located..
Region Select the particular region in where your business is located..
Phone number Add your phone number. So, that the users can contact you regarding your advert.
Postal Code Add the exact postal code of your advert location.Note : Our map section automatically get updated according to your input or selection in address, country, region & postal code fields. You can also use the marker inside the map and point the exact location if possible.


YouTube video If you have any YouTube video related to the advert which you are posting, then add your "YouTube video page url" here to promote your product in more better way.
Images Upload images for your advert using the upload button.
Drag/Drop Rearrange Image
Rotate Image
Multiple Image Upload
Ajax Image Upload


Meta - keywords Add custom Meta Keywords to your advert page (Use comma to separate multiple meta keywords).
Meta - description Add custom Meta Description to your advert page..

- That's it. Save the form. You have successfully added a advert.

Still having issues? You can either post your query in our forum section or mail directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All your queries will be replied within 24 hrs.