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04 Nov 2014
We are happy to announce that we have released our 2.7.0 version with some important updates.
How to Download?

- Just login to your account at jomclassifieds.com.

- Click "Download Jomclassifieds" menu under "User Menu" section.

- Please unzip the package first and you will have two folders named as 2.5 and 3.x and two zip files "communitybuilder_jomclassifieds_plugin.zip" and "plg_jomsocial_Jomclassifieds.zip".
- Install the packages inside the 2.5 and 3.x folders in your Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x sites respectively.

- To install the JomSocial plugin, check jomclassifieds.com/jomsocial-plugin.html

- To install the Community Builder plugin, check jomclassifieds.com/integrate-with-cb.html

- That's it.

Bugs Fixed:

- Ad Block issue fixed.
- Community Builder issue solved.
- In detailed view of an image,Carousel issue solved.
- User's corresponding payment currency is now set in all adverts table.
- Offline payment issue solved.
- Pesapal Oauth issue solved.
- Popular templates popup issue solved.
- Jtext is added for promote and pay.Posting type is changed to Membership & promotion and media to image & video.
- Premium ads to be published always at top level, issue solved.
- In Jom Classifieds => Locations,Country deprecated field is removed.
- "Item not found",alert message text changed.
- Payment plugins configure information is added in front end,if payment info is not set in back-end.

What's new in 2.7.0?

-In backend,dashboard icons changed.
-Membership activation and expiration notification mail is sent to user.
-Activation mail for guest users to publish their advert.
-In backend,General config. => Membership expire alert field is added.

Jom Classifieds => Premium :

-Membership days field is added.(if zero [0] is set, membership expires on lifetime)
-Max. ads field is added.(if zero [0] is set,unlimited ads are allowed)
-Advert Days field is added. (In this field, minimum day to set is 1 and maximum days should be less than membership days)
-Free membership is set optional, whether to allow users to use this memebership in successive transactions or not.

Jom Classifieds => Orders :

-Filter options are added.
-Ads count are displsyed.(Total & Remaining Ads)
-Alert message before deleting an advert is given.
-Membership Expiry date is shown.

User's Page :

-In Post Ad and renew page,membership details can be viewed and membership with price 0.00 is displayed with text FREE".
-Promotion details(no. of ads,validity,price) can be viewed,While Promoting an advert.

For QuickStart package users : You can also download the Jom Classifieds component from "Download Jomclassifieds" menu and install it in your admin. So that the component will be upgraded.

Warning : The customers who have customized your Jom Classifieds component please don't upgrade this package. If still you upgrade, you will loose all the changes that you have done earlier.

FYI : Please check our new store site yendif.com . For Jomclassifieds customers, there will be 50% discount for all the products.
Hope, you like what we did and yet to do. Feel free to contact us for further queries ...

Thanks & Regards,
Product Management Team,
Jom Classifieds. ...

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