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25 Feb 2015
Dear Customer,

We are happy to announce that we have released our 3.0 version with some important updates.
How to Download?

- Just login to your account at jomclassifieds.com.

- Click "Download Jomclassifieds" menu under "User Menu" section.

- Please unzip the package first and you will have two folders named as 2.5 and 3.x and two zip files "communitybuilder_jomclassifieds_plugin.zip" and "plg_jomsocial_Jomclassifieds.zip".
- Install the packages inside the 2.5 and 3.x folders in your Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x sites respectively.

- To install the JomSocial plugin, check jomclassifieds.com/jomsocial-plugin.html

- To install the Community Builder plugin, check jomclassifieds.com/integrate-with-cb.html

- That's it.

Bugs Fixed:

- Post ads, My ads login redirection issue.
- Deleted advert's images deleted from server.
- Adverts listed at the top when it renewed.
- Promoted ads will be listed at the top in all layouts.
- Display all membership in dashboard pages.
- Map module loading issue solved.

What's new in 3.0?

Admin :

Responsive design & layout design changes
Filter options in the admin
Promotion and Memberships are separated in the Jomclassifieds Adverts module

Global Configuration :

New ad notify Email (user & admin)
Show Tool tip (Post ad form)
Show categories icon
Show username
Custom css style (Effect on Site)

Promotion and Membership :

Add class suffix (On list, grid & detailed view)

Adverts :

Display the thumbnail of images while editing the ad

Site :

New Dashboard(User details & Membership details)
Used Bootstrap icons(2.3.2)

List view & Grid view :

Can change the image size
Image count on image
Promotion Label
Display user name

Detailed view :

Thumbnail Gallery
Custom Modal Popup
Promotion Label
Map larger view
Facebook comments responsive

Post ads Form :

Show tooltip

MY-ads View :

Design changes


Adverts modules :

New design for Grid view

Search module :

Select Layout (Vertical OR Horizontal)
Complete Bootstrap Design


For QuickStart package users and Template subscribers : You can also download the Jom Classifieds component from "Download Jomclassifieds" menu and install it in your admin. So that the component will be upgraded.

Warning : The customers who have customized your Jom Classifieds component please don't upgrade this package. If still you upgrade, you will loose all the changes that you have done earlier.

FYI : Please check our new store site yendif.com . For Jomclassifieds customers, there will be 50% discount for all the products.
Hope, you like what we did and yet to do. Feel free to contact us for further queries ...

Thanks & Regards,
Product Management Team,
Jom Classifieds. ...

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